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Today's "writers' block" made me stop and think a moment. What do I like about the Christmas hols? The truth, other than the fact that I'm out of school for a few weeks, I don't care much about Christmas hols at all. I'm too poor to buy presents, everyone I know is too poor to buy presents, trying to get together with my family is usually more stressful than it is rewarding, and I hate the cold. I like Christmas decorations, and a double handful of Christmas songs (mostly stuff like "Mistress for Christmas" that's a bit off). So, in answer to the writers' block question about what holiday tradition I like best, I'd have to say that it's one I haven't started yet: the tradition of getting the hell out of the country over either Christmas or New Year's, preferably on a cruise ship in the Caribbean.

(I do miss choosing and giving gifts for folks. When I have money again, one day, that'll be a favorite again)
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